Terms and Conditions

  1. Acceptance of the Quote hereby confirms that the Buyer(s) is(are) aware of the noted terms and conditions of Your Cabinet Connection's (YCC's) Quote and all of the conditions that apply. Allowing YCC to commence work, or to prepare for work, shall constitute acceptance by Buyer(s) of this Quote and all its terms and conditions. Once the Quote is signed by Buyer(s), it shall constitute as the entire and final contract between Buyer(s) and YCC. Any changes to this Quote shall be in writing and signed by both the Buyer(s) and YCC.
  2. Because wood is a natural product, all wood is subject to variation in shade, color and characteristics (e.g., graining of the wood, veining, pattern, etc.). Materials shall be furnished in accordance with the respective industry tolerances of color, shade, pattern, thickness, size, finish and texture variations and performance standards. Any claim for possible defects in, or nonconformity of material must be made by Buyer(s) prior to installation. No allowances/adjustments for material will be made once installation of material or fabrication of woodwork has commenced. Under no circumstances shall YCC's responsibility or liability exceed the cost of the materials to Buyer(s).
  3. Buyer(s) shall have all work areas prepared so that YCC may perform its work under this Quote in a timely and orderly fashion. YCC shall not be called upon to commence work until sufficient areas are ready to ensure continued work until job completion.
  4. Buyer(s) understands that the materials YCC is supplying consist of cabinetry or surfacing materials only. Buyer(s) shall indemnify and hold YCC harmless from all liability for cracking of, or damage to, such materials caused by the settling of the subsurface, improper surface preparation, other improper construction, or the direct placement of materials contrary to the recommendation of YCC. Buyer(s) shall indemnify and hold YCC harmless from all liability of damage to all cabinetry and related trim items/parts supplied by YCC beyond the initial installation of the products.
  5. Acceptance of the Quote confirms that the Buyer(s) is(are) aware that YCC offers a one-year installation warranty on all materials installed by YCC staff or YCC approved installers. This warranty begins on the first day of installation and expires on the same day, one year later.
  6. All invoices not paid in full when due shall bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month from the date payment is due until paid. All cost of collections, including all attorney fees, shall be paid by the Buyer(s). If Buyer(s) fail to make payment when due, YCC may suspend work on the job until such time as all amounts due have been paid in full. Failure to make payment for a period of more than 30 days from the due date may be deemed by YCC to be a material breach of this quote/contract, relieving YCC from any further work herein without any liability.
  7. YCC shall not be responsible for delays caused by others or by forces beyond YCC's control, including without limitation, other contractors, Buyer(s), weather, or the general unavailability of materials. Buyer(s) shall make no demand for liquidated or actual damages for delays in any sum in excess of such amount as may be specifically named in this Quote.